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Rock Out For the Ridge

Rock Out for the Ridge is our annual Fundraising Event in early November every year. Festivities include dinner, a silent auction and a live auction. Tickets are available 8 weeks before the event, contact Clare Marshall for information: or 303-697-3466 x 106.

Rock Out for the Ridge 2013
Where: Pinehurst Country Club 6255 W Quincy Ave, Denver, CO 80235
When: November 8th at 6:00PM
What: Dinner, Silent and Live Auctions, Live Music and a Raffle. 
Tickets: $60 per person, $100 if you choose to eat with a celebrity. Full tables also available.
For more information: Clare Marshall 303-697-3466 x 106,

Celebrity appearances for 2013:

Brent Breithaupt
Brent has degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the University of Wyoming. His research interests include Mesozoic and Cenozoic Era lower vertebrate fossils, taphonomy, and using paleontology in science education. Recently he has been involved in photogrammetric examinations, including study of the tracks on Dinosaur Ridge.
Brent was the Wyoming State Paleontologist for a few years, but has become the BLM Regional Paleontologist for WY, ID, MT, ND, SD, NE.
For many years the curator and director of the University of Wyoming Geological Museum, Brent also is well known to vertebrate paleontologists as the originator and creative auctioneer for the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP). He has served as auctioneer for Rock Out for the Ridge for the past two years.
Brent is a co-author of Dinosaurs: The Story Behind the Science. The photo of Brent is by Willow Belden

Bryan Small

Bryan was, for many years, a preparator, head preparator, and lab supervisor at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

He received an M.S. from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. While there he led the 1985 expedition to Antarctica. Bryan’s thesis research was on the osteology and taxonomic relationships of the Triassic thecodont Desmatosuchus.

Most recently, Bryan was involved in the Snowmass Project undertaken by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. He was mired in the mud of Snowmass and, perhaps more importantly, oversaw the preparation of the hundreds of specimens recovered.

Currently Bryan is a paleontologist with Triebold Paleontology of Woodland Park, Colorado.

Karen Chin, Ph.D.
Karen is an Associate Professor and curator of paleontology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She earned a doctorate from the University of California at Santa Barbara studying the paleobiological implications of herbivorous dinosaur coprolites (fossil feces).
Her research investigates the structure and dynamics of ancient ecosystems, particularly those of the Mesozoic Era (about 65 to 250 million years ago) to learn how they differed from modern ecosystems. Much of her work focuses on studying permineralized coprolites, but she also examines other trace and body fossils.
Some of her recent work involved the discovery of extensive worm burrows about three inches above the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary in Montana. Another recent study was that of a coprolite from a large Cretaceous tyrannosaurid that contained remains of fossilized undigested muscle tissue.
The accompanying photo is from

Scott Menough, PhD
This former dentist is currently a biologist and the owner of the Denver Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop. Growing up in Colorado, his love of birds and nature developed through camping, Boy Scouts, and his parents’ influence. He is a past Board Member of the Audubon Society of Greater Denver and co-host of the “BirdTalk” radio program, which airs Saturdays from noon to 1:00 on AM radio 710 KNUS. He has taught classes for the Audubon Society, the Urban Environmental Education Program, the Arapahoe County Extension Service, and continuing education for teachers. He has presented programs on wild birdfeeding at the Denver Zoo, Chatfield State Park, Cherry Creek State Park, Barr Lake State Park, Roxborough State Park, Bear Creek Lake Park, Tattered Cover Book Store, and Ocean Journey among many other presentations. He has appeared as an expert on wild birdfeeding on KCNC-TV, KUSA-TV, KOA, KHOW, KTLK, KNUS, KLZ, KEZW, KQMT, and Colorado Public Radio. He has written articles on birdfeeding and birdwatching for “Birder’s World” magazine (now “BirdWatching” magazine), “Birdwatcher’s Digest” magazine, the "Denver Post", the "Columbine Community Courier", Audubon Society of Greater Denver's newsletter "The Warbler", and was co-author of "Successful Gardening in Colorado".  He has served as a consultant on wildlife habitat creation in several Denver area communities and worked with Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Hospital in establishing a wild bird habitat there. Scott, and his wife Sandy, opened their store in 1989. They and their store have received several awards including the “Outstanding Service” award from the Audubon Society of Greater Denver. Awards from the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise include “Friend to the Environment”, “Franchisee Honor Award”, “Best Newsletter”, and the “Flying High” sales award each year since they opened. The Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop, “Your Backyard Birdfeeding Specialist”™, has been “Bringing People and Nature Together”™ for more than 23 years in the Denver area. The stores specialize in custom Colorado birdseed blends, birdfeeders, birdhouses, birdbaths, binoculars, field guides, garden accents, and nature-related gift items.

Martin Lockley, PhD
Martin grew up in South Wales, attended Leighton Park School, gained a BSc degree in Geology at Queen's University Belfast, and a PhD in Paleontology at Birmingham University. From 1976 to 1980 he was a researcher at Glasgow University. From 1980 to 2010 he taught geology at the University of Colorado at Denver and worked to protect dinosaur footprints found at Dinosaur Ridge, near Denver. He then took a phased retirement to allow two years for collections to be transferred, and after that to work on some funded projects and to write on the history and philosophy of science.

Auction Items:

Here are examples of only a few of the items which will be available for the Live and the Silent Auction at the fundraising event, Rock Out for the Ridge!


Raffle - Great Prize! Quarter-sawn Hand Crafted Bow-arm Morris Chair, Oak with Buffalo Hide, custom made, valued at $4,500. This chair is being made for Dinosaur Ridge to help preserve the dinosaur fossils.

Tickets: $5, Drawing at 8:30 PM Friday, Nov. 8th Winners need not be present.

To purchase tickets, go to the gift shop at the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center or send a check made out to Friends of Dinosaur Ridge to:

Rock Out
16831 W Alameda Parkway
Morrison, CO 80465

and raffle tickets will be sent to you. or call Clare at 303-697-3466 x 106

Companies that donated to Rock Out 2012:

Companies that contributed to the auctions at Rock Out for the Ridge in 2012 are listed below. Please thank them when you visit their businesses. Individuals that contributed gifts for the auctions are also listed below.

Morrison Inn
Morrison Liquor Store
Fox Hollow Golf Club
Lakewood Cultural Center
Simply Sloppy Joes
Crystals Unlimited
Other Places:
Hiwan Homestead Museum

Individuals that donated to Rock Out:

Betty Rall

Bill Sharp

Cherryl Andrews

Clare Marshall

Diane Hollenbeck

Elnore Grow

Fran LeCain

Janie Bennett

Karen Eberhardt

Karrie Clark

Larry Jankowski

Martin Lockley

Mick Muller

Neffra Matthews

Sam Bartlett

Sue Jenne

Valerie Booze



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