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Dinosaur Ridge Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is the renovated house at the Visitor Center and is located at 16831 W Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO 80465. Our gift shop is filled with books, posters, toy replicas of dinosaurs and other animals, together with over 200 specimens of beautiful rocks, crystals, and fossils for sale; there’s something for everyone!

Orders can be taken via e-mail or phone if you know what item you would like to purchase. 

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Featured Dinosaur Ridge Publications (w/ photo of covers)

The Field Guide to Dinosaur Ridge
Each site on the Ridge is detailed in this easy to read guide, which is a great tool for self-guided groups. Author: Dr. Martin Lockley.  Number of pages: 34

Cost: $6.95

A Guide to Triceratops Trail at Parfet Prehistoric Preserve
This is an in-depth look at Triceratops Trail in Golden, CO. Background information on the site and a detailed description of each site along the Trail is accompanied by pictures in this easy to read guide. For self-guided or family groups, this book may be necessary to traverse the trail and understand the fossils you see. Authors: Tom Moklestad, Joe Tempel, and Erin Fair. Number of pages: 16

Cost: $1.50

A Guide to Trek Through Time
The 2009 guide to our new Exhibit Hall is now available. Full-page pictures of the murals painted by paleoartist Michael W. Skrepnik, pictures of fossils, and descriptions of Colorado’s ancient environments make a good souvenir of your Trek Through Time visit! Author: Clare Marshall. Number of pages: 17

Cost: $2.50

Fossil Footprints of the Dinosaur Ridge and Fossil Trace Areas
Dr. Martin Lockley’s compilation of data and pictures of the many dinosaur and other animal tracks from the Morrison and Golden Fossil Areas is a great addition to any science book collection. Author: Dr. Martin Lockley. Number of pages: 66

Cost: $5.95

Trailwalkers Guide to the Dinosaur Ridge, Red Rocks, and Green Mountain Areas
This guide to the hiking trails, geology, and ecology of the Morrison, Red Rocks and Green Mountain areas was written by two of Dinosaur Ridge’s long time volunteers and is a good buy for the hardcore hiker that is curious about the scenery. Authors: John Townrow and Dr. Harald Drewes. Number of pages: 86

Cost: $15.95

Archaeology of the Dinosaur Ridge Area
From Native Americans to the Rooney’s, this is a book filled with information on the more recent archaeological data from the Rooney Valley area. Author: Kevin Black. Number of pages: 37

Cost: $3.95

Historic Quarries of the Dinosaur Ridge Area
This book is filled with great information on the original 1877-79 discoveries of Colorado’s Jurassic Giants on and around Dinosaur Ridge by Arthur Lakes. Authors: Dr. Martin Lockley, Adrian Hunt, and Sally White. Number of pages: 44

Cost: $3.95

Junior Paleontologist Activity Booklet
The Junior Paleontologist Activity Booklet is geared toward 2nd through 4th graders and is filled with activities centered around fossils, Dinosaur Ridge, and Triceratops Trail. Author: Tom Moklestad and Erin Fair. Number of pages: 14


The Legacy of Arthur Lakes
The 2009 publication of Arthur Lakes’ achievements, compiled and written by many Dinosaur Ridge volunteers and contributors, is a massive collection of his works done at Dinosaur Ridge and the many other locations he visited and documented in Colorado. Included in the book is a CD-ROM showing the written works of Arthur Lakes. Compiled by: Dr. Beth Simmons and Katherine Honda. Number of pages: 194


Cost: $45.00

Featured Dinosaur Ridge Footprint Replicas

Iguanodontid Track (large)
Discovered in 1994 during the Tracksite expansion, this track was originally discovered in the bonus layer of mudstone. Due to its preservation, the detail of the track (pads on the feet and shape of the toes) is very good, making it an excellent mantelpiece.

Cost: $25.00

Dimensions: 13.5 x 12 inches

Iguanodontid Track (small)
This replica is one of the original tracks from the uncovering of the tracksite during the Alameda Parkway road construction in 1937.

Cost: $25.00

Dimensions: 11 x 8 inches

Magnoavipes Track (small theropod)
This theropod (meat-eater) replica track from the tracksite was first discovered in 1937 during the Alameda Parkway construction, and has been named Magnoavipes caneerii, meaning big bird. This name was chosen to honor T Caneer, a long-time Dinosaur Ridge volunteer.

Cost: $25.00

Dimensions:  9.5 x 11.5 inches

Dinosaur Ridge Custom Merchandise

Dinosaur Ridge Patches
Dinosaur Ridge features three different patches. The Iguanodon Footprint Patch, the Allosaurus Bone Patch, and the Junior Paleontologist Patch. For Boy and Girl Scouts: Dinosaur Ridge Scout Day event patches that change every year are available separately for the May Boy Scout day and the October Girl Scout Day.

Cost: $2.95* per patch
*Special promotions on patches throughout the year. Contact us for more information!

Size: 3in x 3in

Dinosaur Ridge Hat Pins
These small pins can be attached to your hat, lapel, even a backpack or jacket!  A great addition for those that collect hatpins or other small souvenirs.

Cost: $1.95

Length: 1 inch - With: ¼ inch

Dinosaur Ridge Footprint/Mural Postcards
This card is great souvenir from the Tracksite.

Cost: $.35 a piece

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