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Backyard Bones:
Dinosaur Dig Pit

The Backyard Bones site is adjacent to the Gift Shop near the patio. This simulated dinosaur dig teaches kids how paleontologists search for fossil evidence, interpret the evidence, and identify the dinosaur from the bones.

The Backyard Bones: Cretaceous Crime Scene, also known as the Dig Pit, is adjacent to the Gift Shop near the patio. An interpretive sign helps orient kids as they get a chance to see how paleontologists dig, study, and interpret the fossil evidence.
Your group of junior paleontologists will uncover the bones of an Edmontosaurus, a duckbilled dinosaur from Colorado’s Late Cretaceous swamps. Kids can discover most of the dinosaur’s skeleton and identify certain bones in order to determine the size and kind of dinosaur they have found. Finally, they do what amounts to a crime scene investigation to determine why their dinosaur was there, what happened to it, and how it died.



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