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Summer Camp registration now open for members. Registration opens Febuary 1st for non-members.
We hope to see you at camp this year!

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Visit our About Us section to learn about how our Exhibits and trails here at Dinosaur Ridge and at Triceratops Trail were created to help the public explore ancient Colorado and the creatures that once lived here. 

Walk with 90-foot, long-necked giants across a floodplain lined with streams, ponds, and watering holes!  Trace the ripple patterns left by Colorado’s ocean on Morrison’s sandy beaches!  Muck through Golden’s swamp under the shade of palm trees with Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex at Triceratops Trail!

Come have an adventure at Dinosaur Ridge!


Guided Shuttle Tours
Cost: $5 per person, 3 and under free. If you have a membership card please have your ID ready for verification. These membership cards are non-transferrable. You can walk the Ridge trail for free from the Visitor Center or bottom of the hill.

Indoor Exhibits
Cost: $2 per person, 3 and under free.

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Upcoming events:


January 28th (Wednesday) 7PM-8PM Dinosaur Hunters

Join us for a short lecture and presentation on the history of humans with dinosaur fossils. We will focus on certain paleontologists as well as paleontological events like the Bone Wars. 
Price: Free!
Location: Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center 16831 W Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO 80465. We will be in the upstairs classroom of the exhibit hall building.


January 30th (Friday) 10AM-11:30AM Everything Dinosaur: Volunteer Training

Interested in volunteering but need to beef up on dinosaur knowledge? Join us for a one hour talk and 30 minutes for questions once a week from Jan through March. Contact Amber for information:; 303-697-3466 x 107. Session 4: Theropods (Meat-eaters)

Tuesday, February 3, 7-8pm, "The Old Squalicorax and the Sea: And Other Animals of the Benton Shale" by Merlin Barnes.

 Long time ago, there lived a shark, not a very big shark, but it could eat anything it want, as long it was dead. Who is this shark that lived in our sea at Dinosaur Ridge so long ago?  The old Squalicorax, that's who.  However, what kind of shark is it?  What did it eat?  Also, what other animals lived along aside it.  The Squalicorax was not the only fish in the Western Interior Sea, it was one of many.  Some come join us and learn more about the animals that may have lived at the time of our Benton Shale at Dinosaur Ridge. Free presentation, located in the Chevron Classroom above Trek Through Time at the main Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center. RSVP with Amber at or303-697-3466 x 107.

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